Messages @ SP

Jesus centered, Bible-based, Real life Sermons

We believe in God's power to change lives, your life and our lives.  God works through the Bible preached to strengthen, to help, to encourage, to teach and to challenge you.

You are invited to be with us this Sunday for the 10:30 am Contemporary Worship or 8:30 am Traditional-Southern Gospel Worship services.

We meet in the 10:30 am Family Life Center (gym) and the 8:30 am Chapel (with steeple).

Current Series

Friendship with God


God our Father is incredibly generous to us, beyond words. As a reflection of being God's children, we too must be generous as a people of God. This message from Proverbs explores the attitude God would have for us.

Career Wise: God at Work

Every square inch of creation is the Lord's.  Surely then at Work, our God is at work.  Don't miss this series, from 1st Peter 2.


How might God bless your life if you were to forgive?  Is there a way to do forgiveness, right?  Don't miss this series, from Pastor David out of the letter of 1st Peter.

Love & Lies: Relationship Guidance

How might you take God's wisdom on relationship success and apply it to yours?  Don't miss this powerful short sermon series, from Peter's message in 1st Peter 3.

I Love My Church

What's supposed to be our view of church as Christ followers?  How might the way we view our church honor God personally?  Don't miss this series that answers these and more questions.

What a Year It Can Be

How can you have a great 2019 and honor the Lord?  This sermon series will get you started on the right track in 2019.  Don't miss it.

Christmas: God's Solutions to Our Problems

How might the coming of the Son of God in the flesh, impact and guide and challenge your life today?  Don't miss this sermon series that seeks to let the Savior make us who we need to be and get us where we need to be.

Hunting for Thanksgiving

How would your life and impact on others improve if you were more thankful to the Lord?  This series helps Christians to hunt for thankfulness in their life, from Paul's Letter of Colossians.

Fear Not - A Faith Like Daniel

The Bible repeats a message we need to hear, fear not, many times, in the lives of key figures.  Be encouraged and challenged in this sermon series, to replace fears with Fear of God in their place.


Every so often we circle around to God's vision and Church vision as a congregation.  Our hope is to give others hope, Hebrews chapter six, without compromising beliefs, while also being engaged today.