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Jesus-centered, Bible-based, Real-life Sermons

We believe in God's power to strengthen and to change lives.  The Lord works through the Bible preached and sung to strengthen, to help, to encourage, to teach and to challenge you and us. We serve an awesome God.

You are invited to be with us this Sunday @ 10:30 am in Worship service!

Current Series

Baptist Beliefs

In this short series, we uncover key Baptist Beliefs we hold, from the Scripture.

Serving Jesus

Being the church in our time, requires a recommitment to the key purposes and direction of Jesus.  In times of great change, such as we have in America, we must make sure we are being led by the Lord Jesus in our acts of service. Check out this short series for insights for our time, it will help you stay the course in this era. 

Friendship with God

What does it look like to live as a friend of God? This series explores powerful truths about living and walking with the Lord. Messages are taken from the short book of Haggai, which offers timeless challenges for the believer's life.


How might God strengthen your relationships: dating, marriage, and Christian friendships? This series explores ways to not let the pandemic togetherness overstress your relationships.

Brighter Days

How should we look forward to the New Year as Christians? This series explores Biblical hope found for the future, taken from the New Testament's letter of 1st John. Enjoy!

Christmas: Joy Made Full

This Christmas 2020, we go through the Advent, and the Letter of 1st John, to explore how the living Savior Jesus, enables and influences our Christian light to shine today. This four part series will give you a new perspective on the coming of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Integrity Series

Integrity seems to have fallen by the wayside in 2020. How might we as Christians, ambassadors of Jesus, recommit to integrity in a culture that has forgotten it? Check out these messages from the Book of Proverbs.

Voting Faith

How should a Christian make sure their vote counts? This year 2020, we want to be sure we value our vote. We'll look into how God's instruction shapes our worldview on important questions of our day.

There Is Power in The Name

In this sermon series, you'll be renewed and challenged to find strength, renewal, hope, direction & salvation in The Name of Jesus our Savior. Taken from the Book of Acts.