Messages @ SP

Jesus centered, Bible-based, Real life Sermons

We believe in God's power to change lives, your life and our lives.  God works through the Bible preached to strengthen, to help, to encourage, to teach and to challenge us.

You are invited to be with us this Sunday @ 10:30 am in Worship.

We meet in the Family Life Center (largest building on campus).

Current Series


How do we live out the victory that is ours in part in this life? What does the Lord say about overcoming challenges? Do not miss this new sermon series with solid answers as we make our way through the Letter of Philippians. 

Angels: How They Impact Your World

The Lord cares about you. In daily life, the Lord sends His angels to assist and build up and to challenge. Don't miss this series that will challenge you on faith, a perspective on who influences life, and encouragement in what God is up to today.

Choosing Leaders

Servant leadership is important among God's church congregation in every place. We can learn from the Lord about servant leadership. He also provides us with others who lead us in such serving, such as Deacons. Be sure to check out these messages from places like 1st Timothy 3, or Titus 1, or Acts 6 and 20.


What will Heaven be like? Who will be there? How do we get in?  These and more questions are answered from God's Word in this series, be sure to check it out.

Stop the Madness: Angry No More.

Be sure to get caught up on this great series on putting away personal anger.  We join up with King Solomon's wisdom in Proverbs and see how we can be less angry in our lives.

The Names of Jesus

How might knowing the Names of Jesus, build you up in your faith, your prayer and your life?  Don't miss this powerful series, from 1st Peter, in the New Testament, Sundays at 10:30 am at Sandy Plains.


God our Father is incredibly generous to us, beyond words. As a reflection of being God's children, we too must be generous as a people of God. This message from Proverbs explores the attitude God would have for us.

Career Wise: God at Work

Every square inch of creation is the Lord's.  Surely then at Work, our God is at work.  Don't miss this series, from 1st Peter 2.


How might God bless your life if you were to forgive?  Is there a way to do forgiveness, right?  Don't miss this series, from Pastor David out of the letter of 1st Peter.

Love & Lies: Relationship Guidance

How might you take God's wisdom on relationship success and apply it to yours?  Don't miss this powerful short sermon series, from Peter's message in 1st Peter 3.

I Love My Church

What's supposed to be our view of church as Christ followers?  How might the way we view our church honor God personally?  Don't miss this series that answers these and more questions.