Wednesday Worship Service

Midweek Worship Service

Do you need a midweek Worship boost?

Do you work sometimes on Sundays?

Do you just want to Worship again on Wednesday?

We've got you covered. Join us on Wednesdays at 6:45 pm in the Family Life Center. We have a full Worship service each week. First time, tenth time, members, you are welcome every week. We're glad to meet you. 

What's included?

Come as you are. We sing great Christian songs, we hear a short sermon from the Bible, fellowship, and pray for several requests each week that are offered up. In this, no one will embarrass you or call on you. We just want to Worship together and hear, sing about God's good will for our lives.



When you arrive, you'll see a large gym building. We meet inside that building on Wednesdays for worship, it's called the Family Life Center building. 

IS THERE CHILDREN'S ministry then?

Due to Covid safety precautions, we temporarily do not have Children's Ministry during this time...though kids are welcome to join you too in this service.

Is there youth ministry then?

There is! On campus Wednesdays the Youth Ministry opens at 6 pm in the Chapel building, with our full-time Student ministry Director. Then, they all kick off their meetings @ 6:30 pm after socializing a bit.

Are There Weeks it doesn't Meet?

Yes, Wednesday PM worship does not meet on major holidays. 

Examples include:  Thanksgiving week, 4th of July week, Christmas week, and New Year's week, Spring Break following the Gaston County school calendar, and if there is a major ice storm or hurricane. Otherwise we typically meet, see you there. 


We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday, 6:45 pm!