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We have a great church staff at Sandy Plains that is made up of team members who have many years of experience in ministry. 

We're excited to serve the Lord Jesus together and to together care for and equip God's people. Our entire team is made up of many excellent volunteers who lead various ministries and partner with our staff for the Lord Jesus and His kingdom work. Our staff team is listed below. We love and appreciate our church staff!

This Sunday join us for Worship, we would love to meet you as Sandy Plains gathers at 10:30 am this week!  

Profile image of Chuck Brimer

Chuck Brimer

Worship Leader

Chuck is a Worship Leader with a passion for the Lord, a desire for people to connect, and a great deal of wisdom. He loves leading people in worship music and prayer. He has a great family. Chuck has talent across several instruments as well. We're glad to have Chuck with us, and trust we'll see you in worship soon!

Profile image of Tonya Bolding

Tonya Bolding

Church Secretary

We're excited to have Tonya join us as Church Secretary in the Fall of 2021! She loves the Lord Jesus and seeks to serve the church family.

Profile image of Abbey Brown

Abbey Brown

Youth Team Leader

Abbey has been faithfully serving in our Students Ministry area. We're glad to have her investing into the next generation.

Profile image of Corrie Schmidt

Corrie Schmidt

Kids Team Leader

Corrie is an integral part of the Kids Ministry team at Sandy Plains. She is assisting kids to take next steps of faith and grow to all they can be for Christ.

Profile image of Emily Waugh

Emily Waugh

Youth Team Leader

Emily is a gifted worship and lesson team player in the Youth Ministry. We're excited she is helping youth to connect with Christ and grow in their faith.

Profile image of Audio Video Team

Audio Video Team

Worship Experience Production

Sundays, Wednesdays, and in special services we are blessed to have a dedicated team that makes those effective. We appreciate the Audio-Video team that ensures a smooth service on the technical side.  This team loves the Lord Jesus and is a part of sharing the Gospel and serving the Lord through use of technology.

Profile image of Bobby Hinkle

Bobby Hinkle

Clean-Maintenance Team

Bobby works to maintain our four church campus buildings to keep them clean and in great operational shape.  Always ready to help he serves the Lord Jesus through the church congregation in various cleaning procedures. Around town you might find Bobby involved in some hobby community events, livestock events, staying connected to people in need, or tackling a new project.

Facility Team

Worship & Ministry Facility Set Up Team

We appreciate our Staff Team who aids in set up facilitates worship and ministry @ Sandy Plains, such as Trevor and David. These work hard to bless others and we're so glad these several individuals make up this helpful team. They have a special role in ensuring that the worship service spaces and special event spaces are properly set up,  organized, and equipped. This team rotates responsibilities to keep regular church event rooms and event spaces ready. 

Chris Howell